Michael Bennett Possible Cap Casualty? Could Return to Tampa?


It is a common belief amongst Bucs fans that letting Michael Bennet go to the Seahawks was one of Tampa’s biggest mistakes in the last decade, one I too believe. This year, there is speculation that Bennett and Seattle may part ways. If the two were to secede, one player in the NFL who I bet would love to sit alongside the veteran is his former teammate, Gerald McCoy.

Image result for Michael bennett gerald mccoy TampaThe veteran linemen played as a Buccaneer for 4 seasons until 2012, when, unexpectedly Michel Bennett was let go in a controversial move that had fingers pointing in every direction, and one player who was left with a hole in his heart and a team left with a hole on the line… A hole that has yet to be filled.

Bennett is due to make a little over $7 million this season, which is not a lot for a veteran defensive lineman who had once been elite for the Buccaneers. The reuniting of McCoy and Bennett on the line could revamp a virtually non-existent pass rush. Bennett still has plenty of gas left in his tank, despite what anyone says, and recording 8.5 sacks last season, shows that he is more than capable of playing at an elite level. In the 4 seasons with the Seahawks, the three-time Pro Bowler/ 2015 Pro Bowl defensive MVP, has recorded almost 40 sacks and won a Super Bowl.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bennett would be interested in returning to Tampa, and I do not think fans would be disappointed either. Whether or not it happens is yet to be determined, as there is still plenty of time before the free agency hits, however, I think it would be stupid for the Seahawks to let Bennett walk, but if he does walk, I hope makes the trek back home to Tampa.


Edited By: Morgan Adele