Bernard Reedy: From $11 an HR to the Super Bowl.


Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Bernard “Speedy” Reedy will not be reporting to his $11.00 an HR job this postseason. He is going to be busy with the Super Bowl. During the last off-season, the former Bucs return man was working as a driver for Care Ride, which provides transportation to people who are confined to wheelchairs and are otherwise unable to drive themselves.

The job not only gives him a chance to help out those in need, but at the same time, considering he was cut by the Falcons and the Bucs a handful of times, helps him pay the bills. As recently as November, Reedy was cut once again, despite how well I believed he was doing for our team. The odd moved to release him allowed him to find himself on the New England Patriots practice squad. He was ultimately cut a couple of days later, but again received the call to re-join the Pats, giving him the chance at a Super Bowl.

If Reedy makes it onto the active 53 man roster it would be a feat, well deserved for a man who has a great heart and attitude to continually strive to be his best. Reddy told ESPN that it is his job to stay ready, be respectful, and be the positive person that he has always been. Even though he has had ups and downs, been released multiple times, he will always be the same person regardless of what happens.

Coach Billecheck obviously has faith in the 4th-year man out of Toledo and believes that he is a great kid, who is trying to everything he is asked and continue to develop his career, Hopefully, Reedy’s dream will come true this Sunday and he will be active and making plays in the Big Show. Something that every player in the NFL works hard to accomplish.

Despite the long, difficult, path the 26-year old wide receiver has traveled, he says that he would not change any of it for the world and regardless of playing in the Super Bowl or even getting a chance to hold the coveted Lombardi trophy, Reedy plans on keeping his $11.00 an HR job when the season is over. I hope that this time he will have a Super Bowl 52 ring accompanying his grip on the steering wheel.