Make or Break.


This year’s draft for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is critically important. The Buccaneers are on the verge of becoming one of the NFL’s most dominant teams, if Jason Licht and the Glazers play their cards right.

A lot of people want a defensive end, in the 1st round, but I disagree. I believe free agency has us set in that position, however, later rounds may just be a great place to find depth, or who knows, a hidden gem.

I believe that the man we need to draft first, is Derwin James out of Florida State. He is a cornerstone type player that would transform this defense.

We also need to address the left tackle position, because in my opinion, Donovan Smith is a weak link; Despite starting in every game, since he was drafted, in 2015. We have to protect Jameis Winston’s blind side and I do not think Smith is getting it done. I wouldn’t mind taking Orlando Brown in the 2nd round.

After round 2, I suggest simply going BPA (Best Player Available). We definitely need another corner, and another running back wouldn’t hurt, either.

I’m not completely sold on Peyton Barber, I think he is going to be hit or miss with Tampa, next year.