Chris Godwin On Learning The Ropes.


Chris Godwin, who was picked 20th of the 3rd round in the 2017 draft, impressed as a rookie. He even became a fan favorite. He impressed not only the fans but also his teammates and coaches. The young receiver out of Penn State showed determination and poise to go along with his ability to make clutch catches and even scored himself his first touchdown, which resulted in knocking the Saints out of great position for last year’s playoffs.

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Last season, he put up pretty solid numbers, in regards to the rest of the team’s receivers, hauling in 34 receptions for 525 yards, an average of 15.4 yards per catch, a long of 70 yards, and that game winning TD vs the Saints. His reception yards fall short of both Veterans DeSean Jackson and Adam Humphries but his reception count was lesser of 15 or more. Stat wise, it compliments the flashes of greatness he showed on the field.

In a recent article by  for The Loquitur, a Cabrini university Student Media source, Godwin explained how he is using veteran expertise to boost his game.

First, he spoke about how playing in the NFL had been a dream of his since he was old enough to realize he could make a living by doing something that he loved doing for free. he explained that he started playing football at the early age of 6 years old and fought to get to where he is now.

Godwin Assumed that the NFL would be a glorious life. He, like many people, believed that the NFL consisted of a few practices during the week and then players show up ready to play on Sunday. He was under the impression that the players did not have to worry about any type of school work anymore that it was just football and the rest of his time would be personal; However, that was not the case as he realized once arriving to the NFL. There’s much more involved than he, and many others could fathom.

The former Penn State wide receiver did not get into any specific details but did mention that he quickly found a greater appreciation for what professional football players had to go through on a day to day to day basis and the added pressures you feel to perform, in order to keep your job with the team.

As for learning from his teammates, he explained that every day with the team is a learning experience and that building relationships and connecting is important. It impacts your life and your career.

Chris Godwin says he does not look up to any of his fellow teammates, due to the fact he considers them all to be peers, however, there are players he has a ton of respect for and often asks questions of, in order to better his career.

Godwin specifically mentioned the players in his field of work, fellow receivers Mike Evans, Adam Humphries, and DeSean Jackson, citing that those specific players have been in the NFL, they’ve been through it all and have had success, so for him to not pick their brains and feed off of the knowledge they process, would be foolish to him.

Every day, young Godwin is soaking in the influences around him and using that to push himself and his team forward. Overcoming obstacles and being strong enough to face them helps make you a better person and in turn allows you to grow stronger with those around you, especially your teammates.

It’s obvious that the second-year receiver out of Penn State, Chris Godwin, has his mind in the right place and takes his job more than seriously. He will do whatever it takes to improve his game and his relationship with his teammates in an effort to form a bond that will strengthen his position on the team and the brotherhood that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.