Let’s Go Jameis! Time to Buc Up!


The 2018-2019 NFL season is just a few months away and many media outlets are singing the same tune. That tune is the expectations of the Buccaneers and their former number 1 pick of the 2015 draft, making a push to show how far they have come.

Last year was a miserable year for the organization, players and fans. Unfortunate injuries, bad suspensions and another tough schedule saw this team finish 5-11 and in the basement of the NFC South. Jameis played with an injured shoulder, our offensive line was overwhelmed and dealt with their own injuries and the defense was basically nonexistent. But the new season is approaching and last season is in the rear-view. Let’s take a look at a few reasons how Jameis and his fellow teammates can flip that 5-11 to 11-5, or even somewhere close and bring some optimism to Tampa.

Let’s start with Jameis. He’s healing, or healed, not beat up we’ll say and engaged. With your future wife by your side, a shoulder that’s had time to heal, and a revamped team, Jameis, you had success from last year that can start off the season in the right direction moving forward. His completion percentage was his highest last year and with an assumed improvement of the offensive line, the weapons he has access to will hopefully see great improvements as well. Ronald Jones, and that offensive line should be a well orchestrated unit. Jones, a rookie from USC has about 2 more gears than our old Dougernaut and with Ryan Jensen and Alex Cappa bringing some attitude to our line to match with Ali , there is some expected improvement.

Mike Evans is back, monster contract and all. He seems ready to go, saying his yards-after-catch (YAC) are what he looks to improve on the most this coming season. DeSean Jackson is also returning as he and Jameis look to improve a passing connection that almost seemed forced and easily predictable last year. Chris Godwin looks to start right where he left off, considering we open at New Orleans and his last catch was a touchdown from Jameis week 17 as we ended the season on a high note beating the Saints. I expect his role to grow dramatically this season. Cam Brate and O.J. Howard are also returning. Cam, who has been an absolute pro for this team looks to progress to the next step and help this team to the playoffs, as well as O.J. who really seemed to be making strides to becoming a terror that we expected him to be when we drafted him last year with our 19th overall pick in the first round. Peyton Barber and Charles Sims are also both returning and they add nice complimentary styles to that of Ronald Jones, who should be our workhorse running back come week 1.

With high quality talent in every group on this team and in this offense, Jameis has everything he needs to take the next step, but it’s up to him. Let the wife do the wedding planning, they love it, and continue to improve this year. If the line gives him time, and he continues to work on his completion percentage and ball security, I believe you will see the Jameis we were anticipating when we drafted him a few years ago. The talent is there, the work ethic is there, now let’s learn from our mistakes, understand how and why they occurred and build on it.

For the rookies and free agents that joined, please don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Hearing about players making it to the professional level and still not understanding concepts makes me very uneasy. Listen to Jameis, listen to Gerald during his press conference. These guys want to win. They want to help. They are not going to embarrass you for trying to improve. Hit the weights, put your head in the playbook, and be a sponge. Take it all in. With the leadership of our coaches and players, and the desire to improve every day, I can honestly say this year should be the breakout year for Jameis. Go earn that next big contract with a nice deep playoff run. Let’s go Bucs!