Joint practices, for better or worse, either help a team or hurt it.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done joint practices before, and for the most part, it has helped. With the young talent and veteran presence on this roster, there could be a breakthrough coming, finally.

The joint practices could help the Buccaneers grow as a team, as well as learn from other teams work habits. Going against your own team helps you get better, but going against another team, in practice, gives you a different measuring stick.

You get a much better gauge of the talent on your roster, from the QB to the running backs and receivers, as well as figure out exactly how cohesive the d-line is with one another, and grading the LB, CB and safety play. There really isn’t a position that can’t be better evaluated with joint practices.

Considering how the season went for the Bucs last season, the team needs a measuring stick against other talent in the NFL before the games really begin to matter.


Edited by Harmeet Kapur