Hargreaves Speaks About “Unknown Substance” Video


I’m sure you’ve all seen the video that surfaced towards the end of March titled ‘I put a Lil ice on it’, showing Vernon Hargreaves smoking a blunt, sorry, I meant a ‘cigar’. If you haven’t seen the video, I’ll post it at the end of the article.

Hargreaves sat down with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times regarding the video, as well as the troubles he’s facing at corner. It was refreshing to hear him take ownership for his lack of production, something that wasn’t a secret to anyone that watched him play last season.

The video that surfaced of Hargreaves smoking ‘something’ left many, including yours truly, to interpret that the young cornerback was simply enjoying some puffs of that sticky icky. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

The posted video surfaced through an account that mimicked VH3, although clearly, it was not his account. Despite that minor technicality, the video clearly showed that it was indeed Vernon in the video.

Until a few days ago, neither the team nor Hargreaves or his agent had made a statement regarding the video or what exactly he was smoking. When asked about the video, Hargreaves claimed to Rick Stroud that he was not smoking weed and that the video was old.

Unsure of how the video ever surfaced, he knows he has to be more careful about his choices because there is no excuse for stuff like this to surface.

Hargreaves admitted he had spoken with the Buccaneers front office regarding the video, and it seems that everyone is on the same page, as long as he is more careful in the future. The good news is, it seems Vernon shouldn’t face any discipline from either the team or the league.

Now, if only he can get his head back into the game, and be the corner, he was expected to be when he was drafted last season.


Edited by Harmeet Kapur