The Defensive Line Is Key To Success For Tampa Bay.


As we get through OTA’s and begin yet another preseason in Tampa Bay, we believe we have the right guys in place on defense. With the acquisitions of Vinny Curry, J.P.P., Mitch Unrein, and Beau Allen added to the defensive line, it adds the depth we have not had in a long time!

The line will consist of Gerald McCoy and Vita Vea mainly at the DT position, with Unrein and Allen likely as reserves, but those two, just might end up playing a bigger role than anyone thinks!

At the DE spots, we have J.P.P., Vinny Curry, Noah Spence, and William Gholston, who, I, believe will get the bulk of the playing time.

Now, in years past, we have been let down, time after time, by the defensive line, & not since the Sapp, Booger, and Simeon days have we had much stability as a whole. This season seems a LITTLE more like the old days to me.

Now to me, the million dollar question is: HEALTH!?! – Can we stay healthy? Especially Noah Spence?

I believe if he (Spence) can, then he could possibly go double digits in the sack department! If we stay healthy, you will see a pass rush that could possibly take over any game. Our pass rush is going to be the key to our success on defense. I am a firm believer in the fact that DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE lines are a staple point to any football team and if your line stinks, you will probably stink!

As for this pass rush NOT giving QB’s 7, 8 seconds to find an open receiver will close the gap on our DB’s giving up the big play! We recently had a conversation on the Bucs Report “Weekly Wrap Up Show” in which Conte was questioned about giving up the big play time and time again, When in Reality, it’s impossible, if we give QB’s that much time, to keep anybody covered and that is what leads to the big play. It’s not the inability of Conte, or any DB on the field!

With that said, the stage is set for this D-Line to set the tone this season, by getting into the backfield quickly. That alone will, not only, help our DB’s with coverage, but will also help LBs David, Kwon, and Beckwith get to the QB more frequent. The added pressure from the line will allow all 3 of those LBs to have bigger, more productive seasons, and result in more W’s for the Bucs!