WINston To Jackson!


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hype from last year, seemed to be left with a number of questions and disappointments. The first, and quite possibly most glaring, was the connection issues between Winston and DeSean Jackson.

So what is the cause of the problem?

Is it Jameis’ inability to throw the deep ball? Is it the speed difference between practice and game time? (That is what I think personally. Cant run a 6 speed in practice, and a 10 speed in the game). Even in this off season, the WR/QB combo has spent a lot of time working through these issues.

Mike Evans is your number 1 guy, no doubt there. If Jackson and Winston can get on the same page, team defenses will have a difficult time of stopping us. With mini-camp beginning today, you can rest assure that the pressure is beginning to happen between the two, and any step of progress will be welcomed to Tampa with open arms.

Jameis Winston to DeSean Jackson, touchdown! You have to admit, it has a really nice ring to it.