Could the 2018-2019 Season be it for DeSean Jackson?


As the weekend approaches and speculations swirl about the Buccaneers front office and their “franchise” quarterback conundrum, there is also the likelihood that Desean Jackson could be in his final season as a Buccaneer.

Prior to last season, the Buccaneers brought in DeSean as a free agent and hoped he would be the weapon as seen with his previous teams. He was the guy that took the top off the defense and was almost untouchable once he got behind his defenders. Well, last year the team struggled to get him involved in the ways he anticipated and because of that, his deep ball threat was almost non-existent as he was, his most productive running shorter slant routes and such, rather than burning defenders on the outside.

With the arrival and quick success of Chris Godwin, as well as the hefty contract Jackson signed, which was a 3 year $33 million deal, the Buccaneers will be able to let DeSean go with no dead money penalty after this upcoming season. He will still have a year left on his contract with potential earnings of $10 million in 2019, but after the standout rookie year of Chris Godwin, matched with the roller coaster that is now our QB situation, it is quite possible that D-Jax could see himself with another squad after this upcoming season.

As a longtime Buccaneer fan, it’s unfortunate things have happened, how they have as of late. You hear of the chemistry and extra effort made by Jameis and DeSean as well as the other receivers working on their timing with the quarterback, and now the looming suspension could possibly derail any progress that had been made.

So as the upcoming season approaches, I wish nothing but the best for DeSean. His attitude and willingness to work in the offseason had many people hopefully of what this team would be able to do moving forward. Unfortunately, this team has another setback to deal with and I don’t see DeSean in the teams’ future plans.

However, if DeSean does what he says he can do, maybe put up numbers comparable to his 2014 season with 1,100 yards and 6 TD’s, he will have some bargaining power if the front office decides to honor that final contract year and keep him around.