NFL: Five Early Candidates for the Coaching Hot Seat


At this time of the NFL Season, you do not expect to talk about the Hot Seat. Although there is expected turnover every year in the NFL. It is very rare that a coach enters the season with a warm butt. However, this season, there are few that a feeling the heat already. I look at five of those coaches that have the warmest seat heading into the 2018 NFL Season.

  1. Todd Bowles – New York Jets

Bowles is entering his 4th season as the headman for the Jets. While the Jets are a team of transition, Bowles may not be the man who completes it. He is 20-28 in his three years with the team. Only having sniffed the playoffs in 2015. After having consecutive 5-11 seasons, Bowles will need to have some essence of a winning season to save his job in New York.

  1. Jay Gruden – Washington Redskins

Gruden is wearing his time in Washington thin. This team, which the front office assembled for 2018, may be one of the best that he has ever had. If he is not successful, as in playoffs or better, he may be finding his way back to being a NFL Coordinator. At least if the fans have their way.

  1. Vance Joseph – Denver Broncos

If you talk to any fan of the Broncos, they wanted Joseph gone after his first season. However, there were multiple factors that plagued the coach in his first go. The second season should be better. However, in saying that, the expectations for Joseph to succeed will be high. If the Broncos are not sniffing the playoffs in 2018, Vance Joseph will be out in Denver.

  1. Jason Garrett – Dallas Cowboys

Garrett has squeaked by every year. That is because Jerry Jones does not want to get rid of his puppet. Nonetheless, 2018 could be a telling season for the Jones puppet. Garrett needs to break the moniker of being an average coach. He only has three winning seasons with the Cowboys. Two of those resulted in playoff appearance with one playoff win. Jones will need to have the Cowboys in the top six of the NFC if he expects to keep his job in 2019.

  1. Dirk Koetter – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The writing is on the wall for Koetter. Playoffs or bust. He is entering his third season with the Bucs. After a 5-11 season, I believe that the Bucs will need a worst to first type performance to save his job. It is not starting on the right foot with his “franchise” QB suspended for three games. Or, maybe that is what he needs to succeed.

I believe that these five head coaches are starting the 2018 NFL Season with one foot out of the door. Their cases may change come January. However, September is a hot month.

Who do you feel is on the early Hot Seat in the NFL. Leave a comment below.

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