Revis Retires


John Donne once wrote the prose “no man is an island” albeit back in 1624. Until his retirement, Revis was proving that old saying wrong from since he was picked by the New York Jets in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft. The reputation of “Revis Island” gave offensive coordinators and Quarterbacks alike nightmares and some games completely shut down one side of the field. Over a career that spanned 11 years and 145 games, Revis demonstrated elite speed and athleticism which kept some of the best receivers in the game quiet. Some could probably have played a game of cards with the former defensive back, their involvement was so little. There is little argument that Revis was one of the greats and, likewise, little argument that his best work came before devastating knee injuries took their toll.

The player that we saw in 2013 was not the same player that terrorised offenses as a Jet. Statistics will show that as a Buccaneer, Revis had an average season. It wasn’t the career season he had in 2009 but for a player just recovering from a major knee injury it was a good year. Starting all 16 games gave fans in the Bay Area hope that Revis would be back in pewter and hopefully not in the Tampa 2 (looking straight at you Lovie); alas this would not happen as Darrelle headed back north to New England, where he would have a similar season in the stats column, although on a personal note picked up the Super Bowl ring he had coveted his entire career.

After winning it all with the Patriots, Revis returned to Gang Green and would play a further two years in New York, being named to his 7th Pro Bowl before playing his worst season in the NFL and ultimately being released at the start of free agency.

Revis would play just six games for the Chiefs and by now it was clear his star was burning out.

When people look back at the career of Darrelle Revis, years from now they will see a CB who grabbed just 29 interceptions, 6 returned for scores, only 2 sacks and 497 tackles. Not bad for a career, but certainly not great.  Compare this to a Buccaneers legend Ronde Barber, who in  241 games recorded 1,231 tackles, 47 interceptions, scoring 10 touchdowns, and sacking the Quarterback 28 times. Based on that comparison, Revis shouldn’t even be in a Hall of Fame conversation.

But he is and is likely a first ballot guy, why? You can’t intercept what isn’t thrown your way. You can’t record a tackle on a guy that doesn’t have the football.

Darrelle Revis took away half of the field for a reason, and controlled his own Island out there. Sure, he doesn’t have the stats to back his game up, but he never was about stats. His game proudly said

”Look the other way”.