Rookie RB, Ronald Jones II, is ready to prove himself


Hometown hero and Rookie Running back for the Buccaneers, Ronald Jones II, recently did a video interview with his hometown paper, the McKinney Courier-Gazette, in Texas, to discuss the draft and how he is adjusting to his new role in the big leagues and how he is looking forward to showing what he’s got during training camp.

“I definitely have to prove that, and this year I feel like I’ll be getting those opportunities” said Jones, when asked, “Of course we know you can run the ball, how much do you want to show people that you can catch the ball, they didn’t use you that way at USC?”

He was also asked how life has changed for him since being drafted. “Man it’s changed a lot”, Jones said. Just from phone calls from fans, family members, everybody just coming together and just being happy for this time. So I have really been appreciative of all of this; just living life.

He was also asked if he plans to go into training camp and wait his turn, or take full advantage and “be that guy” from day 1, he responded, “I definitely want to come in and assert myself. But, yeah,  I still want to take it one day at a time. You know, it’s a big jump to the big leagues. You know, just try to beat out the guy in front of me.”

When asked to “give 3 personal goals for 2018”, Ronald switched it up and named team goals instead, saying, “Win the division, just really team success, I can’t really think of nothing right now. I just know we’ve got to have a bounce-back year as an organization and a team.”

The full interview can be seen HERE

Buccaneers co-chairman, Joel Glazer,  also weighed in recently on what he thinks Jones II brings to the team, saying, “It’s something that’s definitely needed, and I know Dirk is excited to have him. A player like that will help the entire offense.” Per