Benenoch Unavailable Leaving Room for Cappa


As this week kicks off and an actual preseason game approaching on Thursday night, we, of course, find out about injuries that could affect our starting lineups. We all knew it was coming. This offseason couldn’t be finished without throwing another question mark into the mix.

Caleb Benenoch who had aligned himself to earn the starting job at right guard was injured on Friday last week apparently and was seen wearing a hoodie to combat the heat during practice on Saturday. What is concerning is what happened a few days prior. During 1 on 1 battles, newly acquired veteran Mitch Unrein and Caleb both got a little nasty as we like to put it, and it ended with punches thrown and teammates breaking it up.

Hard to tie an unannounced injury to a fight a few days before, but there hasn’t been any type of information regarding exactly what Benenochs injury is. Regardless, the fact that he was not participating in practice and basically out of it on Saturday is not the news Buccaneer fans or anyone close to the team want to hear. With good depth and a young rookie in Alex Cappa, the Bucs will look to see what they can piece together to make a solid offensive line for their signal caller come Thursday’s preseason game with the Dolphins.

If the injury turns out to be more serious than what is speculated now, the Buccaneer front office will have to decide who they believe is the best fit for Thursday’s game. Cappa has been working hard and learning a lot, but the jump from Division 2 to the NFL is a big one. Hopefully battling the likes of JPP, G-Mac, Curry and the rest of our outstanding defensive linemen will really help him elevate his game. Stay Tuned for more info regarding this situation as Thursday approaches.