Mike Evans on the Verge of Breaking Every Receiving Record in Bucs History in 2018


In his four years with the team, since he was drafted 7th overall in 2014, Mike Evans has recorded an astonishing 309 receptions, 4579 receiving yards and 32 Touchdowns in a total of 61 games. Without a doubt, Evans is not only one of the best Wide Receivers in Buccaneers history, he is also one of the best players at his position in the league right now.

The former Texas A&M product already leads all Buccaneers Wide Receivers with his 32 Touchdowns. Yet, there are two categories left in which the 6’5” Evans does not yet have the lead.

Kevin House played for the Buccaneers for seven seasons (1980 – 1986). He is currently Tampa Bay’s second all-time leading receiver with 4928 receiving yards, thus still ahead of Evans in that category.

Then there is Mark Carrier, Buccaneers Wide Receiver for six seasons, he is the all-time leading receiver in yards (5018) and catches (321), as well.

Consequently, if Mike Evans manages to amass at least 13 catches and 440 yards this season, he will surpass the aforementioned players who are still ahead of him and will then lead all Buccaneers Wide Receivers in all major receiving categories. Barring major injuries, this sounds like a very manageable task for Tampa Bay’s clear-cut number one receiver, who will most likely cement his legendary status in only his fifth season in the league.

Very impressive, Mr. Evans!


All stats were taken from NFL.com