The Tip of The Dagger


The fact that the Buccaneers have talent on the defensive line is, at this point, undeniable. Stars such as Gerald McCoy, Vinny Curry, Noah Spence and JPP headline a group of players that could wreak havoc (see what I did there?) on offenses around the league. One game into preseason we haven’t seen what this group is capable of yet and I have gone on record saying preseason is merely a glorified scrimmage with tickets being sold. I honestly believe that someone on this line can reach double digit sacks, maybe even 2 players?

If that lofty ambition is achieved my money is on number 90, Jason Pierre-Paul being the first to cash in. Throughout camp and practice JPP has been an unblockable nightmare. It doesn’t matter who he is in front of! The guy flies past like no one is providing resistance, almost drawn magnetically to the Quarterback.

An absolute certainty in football is if the Quarterback is constantly under pressure and running for his life, if the Running Back is being met consistently in the backfield the offense breaks down and becomes ineffective.

I’ll call this the JPP effect. Fans saw how devastating the combo of Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp was, offensive coordinators having to pick how they failed. Can anyone else hope to dream?

Each practice and each snap Pierre-Paul is setting the tone be it against the pass or the run even drawing praises from Head Coach Koetter when he remarked as per Roy Cummings Twitter “A lot of speed rushers can’t stop the run, but he can set the edge, it’s hard to get into his body and he’s powerful.” 

Come one come all and choose how this line will stop you. The JPP effect may have many beneficiaries this season.