BritBuc’s Snap Judgement Lions Edition


I’ll be honest fans, I started writing this post game and realised it was around 5am here, it was time to put the keyboard back and think. Never drink and type is a multi faceted lesson for everyone.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers moves to 2-1 of this preseason schedule; however that loss comes with an asterisk. Typically the third preseason game starters, see the most action through the first 2 quarters before taking a back seat for the last game on the schedule, giving the backups the chance to show what they can do as they fight for a place on the roster.

Through the first 2 quarters and most of the 3rd the Bucs were dominating. Detroit were out thought and outfought in every position group, until they started bringing back the starters to compete against 2nd and 3rd string players. Although the Lions new Head Coach Matt Patricia can be forgiven for doing everything he could to avoid a 3rd straight loss in his inaugural campaign.

Had this been a regular season game this would most likely have been a very lopsided win for Tampa Bay. Yes, I’ve gone on record many times saying not to focus on the score as preseason is a “glorified scrimmage” but some things cannot be ignored. The Bucs first string bullied and outplayed their counterparts at Raymond James on Friday night and that is a very positive omen for the season to come. The Detroit Lions have had back to back winning seasons and these are the teams that Tampa Bay has to beat to challenge for the postseason. I honestly don’t believe there are teams in the NFL that you “should beat” it’s a 16 game season and everyone has the players to beat anyone. That’s why we love football!

Going into the first 3 games without Winston is a scary thought for some, but when looking at what’s happening with Fitzpatrick people should be more positive. Barring a spectacular collapse or injury bug, this team goes 2-1 at least those 3 games.