Do We Need To Cut Conte And Trade For Khalil Mack?


Welcome back Bucs nation to Bucs Report! Today, I have two hot topics of discussion that might get under some Bucs fans skin. I Just have two questions for Bucs fans. Do we really need to cut Chris Conte? Is Mack and Dez Bryant the real answer for the Bucs future?

Chris Conte has many Bucs fans angry when you mention his name. What is the main reason Bucs Fans hate Conte so much? Was it because, in the past, he let receivers blow right past him? Is it because he wants to be like John “The hit master” Lynch? It can’t be his coverage skills because he isn’t the worst safety the Buccaneers have had in the past. Do Bucs fans remember a man named Sabby Piscitelli? I’m sure Conte can’t match up with his poor coverage. That is to say Conte will only be here until someone beats him out from the starting position. Until then we all just have to suck it up and deal with it.

I’m going to start my sentence off with; I do not want Dez Bryant on this roster poisoning this team with his cancerous attitude and lack of leadership! Consequently, the Buccaneers have made excellent choices the past few Drafts when we selected Chris Godwin and Justin Watson to go along with Mike Evans for the future.

Furthermore, I have a different opinion about Mack. Mack is a very special player with a lot of tread still on the tire. We could move some people around to save cap space to afford Mr. Mack’s services. Not only…but, also, If the Bucs can move Jackson and Pierre-Paul next off-season, we could possibly fit Mack here for the price he’s asking for which is probably in the 15-20 million a year range. Having said that; I love pass rushers! However, what is it going to take to get him here and have our team in good shape for the future?