Could We Have A QB Controversy Brewing?


No one expected Tampa Bay to win against the New Orleans in the fashion that they did, and they especially didn’t expect Ryan Fitzpatrick, filling in for the suspended Jameis Winston for three games, to amass 417 yards and 5 total TD’s against an up and coming defense. The win and most importantly Fitzpatrick were impressive, and just after a 1-0 start the words “Quarterback controversy” are already starting to surface.

As big as that week 1 win was, it isn’t enough to unseat Winston by week 4, but what if he repeats that performance in week 2 and/or week 3? Is it enough then? Maybe, but at the very least it will force Dirk Koetter to make a tough decision for week 4 if Fitzpatrick keeps up his performance. As he has been known to be streaky. With that said, though, his history also shows that his performance could take a turn for the worse at any given moment (see his loss against the Falcons last season).

If the Bucs head into week 4 at 3-0, it could prove difficult to not start Fitzpatrick. Even though it is a general consensus that Winston has a ton more upside and youth on his side, it might be ill-advised to take the ball from the current hot handed Fitzpatrick. For now, though, there is no QB controversy, but watch out as that may change in the next week or two.