Tony’s Take On The Bucs Surprising Fast Start


It has been mentioned before, but I don’t think many people outside of the team expected the Buccaneers to be sitting at 2-0 atop the division or in the fashion in which they did it. This fast start has been ignited by the offense with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, and from Todd Monken crafting agressive game day plans. The unlikely successful combination of both has allowed the Bucs to leverage their offensive weapons, and as a biproduct taken some pressure off a defense finding its long term groove.

During the suspension of Jameis Winstion, many had the Bucs going 1-2 or even 0-3, and if you had them going 2-1 you might be considered overly optimistic. Those early predicitions though have been turned on its head, with the Bucs having the hottest offense in the legaue, and a defense competent enough to step up when needed to most. This team is finally starting to live up to the potential that many Bucs fans have seen over the last couple of seasons.

With that said the Bucs have made some crucial mistakes, and if not for their potent offense it may have had the potential to cost them either game. The first mistake, or should I say opportunity to grow, is on defense late in games. Whether it be Mike Smith shifting to more conservative play calls or players letting their gaurd down, for two straight weeks they have been up by multiple touchdowns, but allowed teams to come back late to steal the game. Going forward the defense must find a way to lock down opposing offenses for a full 60 minutes. The second opportunity is drops and miscues on offense. Without a doubt they will happen, but at the pro level it is essential that they do whatever possible to mitigate those mistakes. For example the catch turned interception from OJ Howard or the big drop from Mike Evans can’t happen in big games. As a lot of times it makes all the difference between winning and losing.

My take is that even with the opportunities Tampa Bay has to improve, they are still one of the top tierd teams in the league right now. To think that they could get even better is scary good, and if they continue to progress it will make for some good football as the season ages on.