Dirk Koetter Not Committing To Winston As Starter In Week 4


Surprisingly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have started the season with two wins. After delivering a brilliant performance in New Orleans in week 1, Ryan Fitzpatrick was indeed able to produce another stellar, almost flawless game in week two against the reigning world champions, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Next up is a Monday night football matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have started the season in surprising fashion, as well. The Steelers, still winless after two games, are standing with their backs against the wall and are in desperate need of a victory against Tampa Bay.

If Fitzpatrick can work his magic a third time in a row and beat Pittsburgh, especially with another excellent game on his part, you really have to wonder whether the Bucs should bench him when Jameis is available again in week 4. Without taking anything away from Jameis Winston, who is, undoubtedly, a very talented and hopeful young quarterback, but if Fitzpatrick finds a way to stay hot for another game, benching him would not really make much sense, as the performances he has delivered so far this season easily put him among the best quarterbacks in the league. Consistent play like this would keep him ahead of ANY quarterback on the depth chart.

Dirk Koetter was asked about this controversial issue in his press conference on Monday after the game and he did not give away anything,

“I won’t be the one getting into that… We’ll worry about that when the time comes. Right now we’re going to start working on Pittsburgh and that’s all that matters right now. Everything else is in the future because it could all change just like that.” via Buccaneers.com

Probably the only right answer by Koetter. Why worry about something that is not even relevant at the moment? Focusing on beating the Steelers is what is important now, if Fitzpatrick can handle this task as well, as mentioned above, then there will be a quarterback controversy in Tampa for real.

If you would like to watch Koetter’s full press conference, you can see it here: