Minkah Fitzpatrick Receives Backlash Over #FitzMagic Nickname Filing


Apparently the social media world has not taken very well to the news that Dolphins DB Minkah Fitzpatrick filed to trademark a very popular nickname commonly associated with Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB  Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Minkah and his mother has even received vulgar backlash since the news broke. That did not sit very well with him, and let’s be honest who would be okay with anyone verbally attacking our own mother. The answer is no one. The obviously, and rightfully, upset younger Fitzpatrick then even deleted his social media apps in what would seemed to be an attempt to steer clear of the distraction in the middle of the season.

ESPN’s Cameron Wolf reports that Minkah is open to giving up the trademark saying, “If he wants the name, he can take it if he wants,” Minkah Fitzpatrick said of Ryan Fitzpatrick (no relation). “He’s a great football player. If he wants it, contact me and my people and he can have it if he wants it.” (You can read the original article HERE)

Minkah’s camp is still holding firm to the claim that he has been called FitzMagic (With an uppercase M) since his highschool days. Even showing proof of FitzMagic jerseys while he attended Alabama.

While we at Bucs Report don’t condone any violence or bullying of any sort, we can understand some of the frustration that comes into the minds of some Bucs fans. Let’s just keep it at that, and keep our human decency intact. The good news is that the older “real” #Fitzmagic might be able to take his nickname back for good. Your move older Fitz, call the younger Fitz up!