NFL Week 3 Game Picks


-Saints @ Falcons- This is one of the more heated division rivalries in the NFC South. Expect there to be a good bit of extra curricular activities and a lot of yellow thrown as a result. Falcons win at home though in a close one. 21-17 Falcons

-Packers @ Redskins- Being from D.C. I can tell you this. The Redskins are terrible. They know it, the fans know it, and as a result the city is bearing down for a long season. Aaron Rodgers and Co. put on a clinic. 28-10 Packers

-Colts @ Eagles- Last weeks loss against the TAMPA BAY Bucs stung bad, but the Eagles faithful has reason for hope with the return of Carson Wentz. They get that losing taste out of their mouths with a win over Luck & Co. 27-21 Eagles

-Bills @ Vikings- The Vikings went into Green Bay with the opportunity to take home a win against the Packers. Instead they left with a…. tie. Which in my opinion can sting worse than a loss sometimes. It’s a bad a idea to overlook an NFL team, no matter how lowly, but the Vikes come to this game with a passion and get a win against the troubled Bills team. 36-13 Vikes

-Raiders @ Dolphins- This is a hard one to predict for me. With the way the Raiders have been playing, I would want to take the undefeated Dolphins. Something tells me though Jon Gruden will pull out a win here to prevent going 0-3. Which is a bad look when you are the highest paid coach in the NFL. 23-20 Raiders

-Broncos @ Ravens- The Broncos may be 2-0, but it was a pair of razor thin wins at home. That coupled with a task to get a win over a fairly good Ravens team will be a tall order it seems. Bronco’s get their first loss and Ravens go 2-1. 21-17 Ravens

-Bengals @ Panthers- Are these Bengals for real? They may just be the team again that looks solid during weeks 1-17 and then falls apart in the playoffs, but I believe they have enough to take a road win. 28-17 Bengals

-Giants @ Texans- So is this the battle of the week to see who is worse? I believe the Texans are the better team, and they win a low scoring game. 17-10 Texans

-Titans @ Jaguars- The Jags got an impressive win vs the Patriots. That win last week drowned any doubts that this team was a fluke last year. The Titans aren’t bad, but the Jags defense will simply be too much to handle. 31-17 Jags

-49ers @ Chiefs- So is Garoppolo the 2nd coming of Brady or not? I say not, at least in this game, with Mahomes on fire at home. 37-23 Chiefs

-Chargers @ Rams- This Rams team is scary good and will be a force to be reckoned with once the post season approaches. That said, I think the Chargers pull an upset here. 28-14 Chargers

-Cowboys @ Seahawks-  The Seahawks don’t look good in this early season, and they need this win to turn around their season at home. It won’t be enough though as Dallas takes it. 24-21 Cowboys

-Bears @ Cardinals- This one is simple the Bears defense has Khalil Mack and the Cardinals don’t. Defense makes the defense in this game. A low scoring affair. 17-3

-Patriots @ Lions- That loss against the Jags hurt bad, and you can bet that plane ride home was a long one last week. Good news though, their old defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, seems to have a lot on his hands. Look for him to be outmatched against his former boss.  28-17 Patriots

-Steelers @ Bucs- The Steelers have yet to win a game, and will go into week 3 with no Bell in the backfield and host of locker room drama. The Bucs though are rolling hot behind the hot handed Fitzmagic train with their first 2-0 start since 2010. They will make it 3-0. 31-24