Help Wanted


It is no secret that the Buccaneers’ running game is struggling. Both the statistics and the eye test show that. While the Bucs’ passing offense is leading the league, Tampa Bay needs some help to take the pressure off the Quarterback. Looking around at who is available, these three guys could come in and help right away.

The name Le’Veon Bell is hot on the lips of many fans with their ears to the rumour mill, but he doesn’t make this list. Why? Bell is currently on the franchise tag in Pittsburgh, so any team that trades him is on the hook for his $14.5 million cap hit, with no guarantee that it’s more than a year rental that will cost not only his salary but whatever the Steelers want for him. Trading for Bell is the football equivalent of burning down the house to get rid of a termite infestation. If it were Madden, fine, but this isn’t Madden.

So without further ado:

  1. Mike Tolbert – Tolbert was a proven rusher while at Carolina and someone who could carry the ball for tough yards. He’s not elite speed but hard to bring down and could provide an additional dimension to the rushing attack in Tampa.
  2. Kareem Hunt – Hunt has bounced around the league but has shown in limited play that he can provide a homer in threat and has the speed to make the big play if he’s given space.
  3. Eddie Lacey – This is my personal favourite if he is in shape. After leaving Green Bay amid concerns about his weight and fitness, Lacey remains a free agent. Another proven rusher who helped Rogers with the Packers, Lacey could well be looking for a team to show how wrong the Packers were in letting him go and would be playing with a chip on his shoulder.

There’s my top 3. Who do you have?