Mike Smith Has To Go!


I’m done and I am sure you are done. Heck, everyone has to be done and Mike Smith has to go.

The Buccaneers defense looked lost out there.

That tweet says it all. You could make the case that the Bucs held the Bears to 10 points in the second half of the game, but I’m going to make the case that the Bears decided to just quit scoring. 38 points in the first half of the game vs 3 points for the Buccaneers is atrocious. The offense has some explaining to do themselves.

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The Bucs defense allowed Mitch Trubisky to come out of the gates and play like an elite quarterback. He almost looked like John Elway out there. I’ve said in previous articles that the Buccaneers do this historically. They allow mediocre quarterbacks to look elite, however, that was total bull!

I also said that the Buccaneers will face a tough defense and that the game could be reminiscent of the Eagles home game in week 2. Boy was I wrong.

Not sure anyone could have expected the outcome of Sunday’s game, despite “experts” believing that Trubuisky would have a break out game against the Bucs secondary. Boy did he! As I type this article I  feel like punching my computer screen. The pathetic defense, the non-existent offense, the non-adjustments on either side of the ball. Everyone needs to be fired.

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Head Coach Dirk Koetter did make the statement that he believed everyone should be fired for producing what we all saw on Sunday. Even himself.

Many would agree with Koetter, but I think Mike Smith, Brett Maxie, and Jon Hoke all need to go.

One replacement for DC could be the promoting of Brenston Buckner. He sure knows a defensive line, but can he take on the role of a defensive coordinator? I’m not too sure. However, at this point, what do we have to lose? You cannot give up 78 points in two consecutive games and 118 between the Steelers, the Saints, and the Chicago Bears. Defense wins championships! Right now our defense is winning games just for the wrong team.