Time To Be Brate Again


Since 2015 Cameron Brate has been an integral part of the Buccaneers’ offense. Brate has great hands, runs perfect routes, and is a major Red Zone threat. Other than Mike Evans there is no receiver whom Jameis Winston likes more.

Yet with Winston suspended during the first 3 games and the emergence of TE OJ Howard, Brate has seen a huge drop in production this year. To date, Brate has only had 6 receptions this season.

Now Winston is back, with coach Dirk Koetter stating Winston will be his starting QB for the rest of this season. Along with Winston’s return to the helm and an injury to OJ Howard, Bucs fans can expect to see the Cameron Brate that we know. After the bye week, Brate will be targeted quite often, especially on 3rd down and in the Red Zone.