Jameis Winston Just Wants To Win


“I just think my mentality is just to go out there and win for this team. If that’s taking 3-yard completions for the remainder of the game, if that’s having to hit a deep shot down the field, my main focus is just winning, not really stressing about anything. I just want to put my team in a good position to win.” – Jameis Winston

If that’s taking 3-yard completions for the remainder of the game.

That statement tells me that Jameis Winston is finally getting it and beginning to show signs of maturing into what this team needs, a QB who understands that you do not have to do too much. He certainly has the arm, the skillset, and the talent to be a top tier QB. Fumbles and turnovers due to overreacting to a dead play are not traits you want in a QB with so many skills.

Jameis Winston showed his maturity in the second half against the Bears. Despite throwing two interceptions, he managed to calmly march his team down the field for a score. As vanilla as it may have seemed, Winston did not try to do too much and even took sacks. I never thought I’d see the day where Jameis Winston took the sack instead of trying to make a play out of nothing, which would result in a bonehead turnover.

Kudos to the young man.