Monken’s Offense Elite, Even With Lack Of Running Game


Without a doubt, Todd Monken’s offense so far is one of the most efficient offenses the Buccaneers have had in their history. On average, the Bucs pass for an incredible 364 yards and score almost 28 points per game. Outside of Winston’s interceptions, the passing game has been very efficient and fun to watch for Bucs fans.

On the other hand, though, the running game is an area of concern for Tampa Bay. Neither Peyton Barber nor rookie Ronald Jones has been able to create an efficient attack on the ground. The Bucs have not had a 100-yard rush once this year; they are averaging less than 86 rushing yards per game.

Certainly the running backs are not the only ones to blame for the ineffectiveness of Tampa Bay’s rushing attack, as oftentimes the backs have a defender in their face right after the handoff. The offensive line has to find a way to create lanes for Tampa’s runners if the Buccaneers want to have a chance at finally going to the post season again.

Imagine what this offense would be capable of if only it had a running game to take seriously. The thought of that is scary…