Winston Versus the World



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The opinion that Jameis Winston is a bust is on so many lips now it might even be reported as truth. But what of those who say he might be a good or great QB if given the chance? Some sections of fans are ready to throw Winston from the Skyway. Others are still convinced he can perform as a top ten quarterback in the NFL. What if the truth lies somewhere in the middle?

I, BritBuc of Bucs Report, have decided to invent my own scoring system and compare Winston to a host of current and former players. The scoring is as follows:

1 TD = 1 point

1 Rushing TD = 1 point

300 yards passing = 1 point

100 yards rushing = 1 point


Points are deducted for the following:

1 INT = -1 point

Lost fumble = -1 point

For every 4 times sacked* = -1 point

*on average 1 in 4 sacks are the QB’s fault.


To create parity I will divide the scores by the number of years played to form an average, which will formulate the final BBQBR (BritBuc QB Rating).

Starting with our very own Jameis Winston, his stats of 75 TDs, 9 Rush TDs, 12,817 yards, 622 Rushing give a positive score of 33.5—very nice. Now we take away the points for 54 INT, 16 lost fumbles, and 108 times sacked, and we lose 24.5 points. This gives Winston a final BBQBR of 9.

Now come the contenders. They are Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Kurt Warner and Drew Brees, players who are regarded as franchise QBs. Some are even synonymous with excellence at the position.

Peyton Manning – 24.5 BBQBR

Tom Brady – 22 BBQBR

Brett Favre – 1 BBQBR

Kurt Warner – 6 BBQBR

Drew Brees – 20 BBQBR


With the completion of this small sampling it would appear that Jameis falls into the middle of this group. I’m sure if anyone had been offered the choice of these six guys in the Draft in which Winston was taken, they would be spoilt for choice.

Maybe there is life yet in Winston as a Buccaneer and we should be patient. Or maybe Jameis is in the decline and it is right to cut ties now. Yes, we want Peyton Manning, but maybe we should be happy we didn’t get Brett Favre.