Catanzaro Shines


Oh man! The franchise is in a bad state when the star performer is—that’s right—Chandler Catanzaro! Okay, maybe not star performer, but the only player to leave the field confident in their performance.

My regular readers and viewers of BritBuc’s Bites will realize that Chandler and I have a thing going on. A bromance of sorts, if you will. Many times I’ve accused Mr. Catanzaro of breaking my heart and not doing his job only for him to do something to win me back again. Like the puppy at the pound with the wonky eye or gimpy leg, I just can’t help finding a reason to forgive the guy.

After missed PATs seemed routine and field goals seemed less certain than roulette, a perfect game appeared. Yes, okay, before anyone tries to bring me down, I know that Catanzaro didn’t need to attempt any field goals. What we did get was what we’ve always wanted from our kicker. He did his job!

4/4 PATs and kick-offs were not returned. The life of an NFL kicker is a bizarre thing. You can win or lose games with the swing of your cleats. Be the hero or the villain. The one thing you can’t do is control the offense or defense. All you can do is your job. Hours and hours of boredom surrounded by a few seconds of panic is the quote attributed to former NFL kicker Jason Elam.

What was nice about Catanzaro was fans could watch without the few seconds of panic we’re accustomed to whenever he’s kicking a football. Chandler, I’d like to buy you a beer!