The QB Conundrum


With the loss to Washington on Sunday the Bucs are now winding down the season. Not having seen any meaningful snaps, many Buccaneer fans are split over which of the 3 signal callers get the start. Koetter himself is even considering reinstalling Winston to the lineup.

Here I will present a for-and-against argument for Jameis returning to the starting role.

For Winston

Without the pressure of needing to win, it could be a blessing for the former number 1 pick. Many players thrive in a no-pressure situation, something we saw from Fitzpatrick in weeks one and two. It cannot be denied that circumstances have been far from ideal for Jameis—first the suspension and then the public announcement naming him in a lawsuit. Compounded by the turmoil that comes with being a new father, it’s likely that Winston hasn’t been able to get his head straight. With seven no-pressure games, Winston would have the chance to work out his on-the-field issues without fear of failure and win back the trust of the fans. It’s also likely that a new regime will be in place by the NFL Draft, so this would be a good chance for Winston to display his credentials for the new management and show he’s still the franchise QB.

Against Winston

Regardless of playoff aspirations fans still demand wins and entertainment. Winston has already been benched in favour of Fitzpatrick, who gave the Bucs the best chance to win. Why should now be any different? The Buccaneers have 3 quarterbacks on the roster, and fans have seen 2 of them. Maybe it’s time to see if Griffin truly justifies that roster spot against the Giants. Possibly the biggest argument against Jameis Winston is the likelihood of change in the head coach and GM roles. The new guys might want to go in a different direction at QB, and if Winston gets hurt between now and season end, that new regime is stuck with Jameis and his $20.92 million contract.

Which side are you on?