This Barber Is the Complete Package


Have you been to a good barbershop lately?  Those cats do everything from perfectly shaping a beard, to artistically creating a fade that could melt butter.  When it comes to a good barber, being of multiple talents is a must.    I use this to illustrate the point that when it comes to the Buccaneer backfield, we too have a “Barber” who is proving himself to be multi faceted and its time we see him more consistently.

One could not help but wonder just how many yards the rushing game left on the table yesterday as we had to start throwing the ball to try and catch up. Watching the Giants want nothing to do with tackling Peyton as he scampered into the end zone with just under 10 minutes to go on Sunday was a testament to what we already know. This guy slams through the hole, all 225 pounds of him, and makes the idea of jumping into his way a risky venture.

What has been consistent this season, even as we’ve experimented with our “passing” fancy and have had to play catch-up more than Heinz, is that there is an emerging talent in the Buccaneer backfield, and his last name isn’t Jones. I’m not even going to go there except to wonder if we had better evaluation of talent at the top, would we have been better served spending a second-round pick on the offensive/defensive line or elsewhere?

With the holidays fast approaching, everybody’s list of things to do will certainly include a haircut or makeover before celebrating the season.  Although Buccaneer fans have not had much to be celebrating this season, a team makeover is certainly in order, and I know just the “Barber” to see.