Ian Beckles: “You Can’t Win with DeSean Jackson!”


Ian Beckles, who played guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1990 to 1996, had an interesting take on the current state of the franchise in his latest podcast “In the Trenches” after the game against the New York Giants.

One of the players who received particularly harsh criticism is wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Beckles believes he does not put it all out there, especially with Jameis Winston on the field: “… I bet he gave 5 percent effort to try and break up that interception … for a quarterback that he doesn’t want to be in there anyways… You can’t win with DeSean Jackson, I’m sorry.”

Ian Beckles definitely has a point there. Jackson did seem to give up on the play at the very end, and he could potentially have kept the Bucs in the game if he had given it his all until the very end of the play.

The coming weeks will certainly provide more clarity as far as the future of this franchise is concerned, which, at the moment, is a huge question mark. If Tampa Bay decides to stick with Jameis Winston, they might have to part ways with DeSean Jackson, as the chemistry simply does not seem to be there.

You can listen to Beckles’ full podcast “In The Trenches” HERE.