A QB Conundrum


Well, as I’m sure you all know, the Buccaneers defeated a busted-up 49er’s team 27-9. Everything seemed to be working like a well-oiled machine. Jameis Winston threw for over 300 yards and 2 TDs, yet, more importantly, he threw no interceptions. The running game, led by Peyton Barber, ground out some tough yardage on 3rd and short for much needed first downs. Oh, did I forget to mention JPP got his extremely coveted 10th sack as a Buccaneer? This is the first time that a Bucs player has accomplished this since 2005.

After celebrating the Bucs victory, I thought to myself, what will the organization do to the QB position in 2019? Winston has had his ups and downs, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is 36. So what to do?
Several veterans will be available who have had good production in the pass but were bit by the injury bug. Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford have proven they can definitely play if called upon. They could, at least, be brought in to start for a season and mentor a rookie QB if the Bucs choose to go that route in the draft, where there are several promising QBs.

Then I chugged a Budweiser and came to my senses. Give Winston another year! He’s shown he has the talent. The numbers don’t lie. Yes, he had a horrible season in every sense of the word, but he’s got football smarts like no other and has the arm strength to make throws most QBs in this league can’t make. Yes, he needs to cut down on the errant throws. Just eliminate the interceptions and let Winston’s talent lead us to a Super Bowl.