Digging to New Lows


The Pittsburgh Steelers are typically a by-word for success. Since the 1970 NFL merger they have finished on top of the NFL pile a total of 6 times. Famous for the Steel Curtain of the 70’s, the franchise has often won behind a powerful and well-drilled defense.

Many of you reading this might know where I’m headed. Despite their winning reputation, the Steelers are also famous for ineptitude. In 1965 the team set an NFL record that has stood to this day. With a turnover ratio of -30 it’s not surprising. In total, 35 interceptions were thrown compared to just 5 picks from the Pittsburgh defense on the way to a disappointment of a 2-12 season.

Fast forward 53 years, and that record is painfully close to being broken. In 10 games the Bucs have thrown 19 interceptions and fumbled the ball 6 times. In 10 games the defense has just one single interception! With 6 games left in the season and the Buccaneers committing 2.5 turnovers per game, the hapless Bucs are set to give the ball away a shocking 40 times!

Time is fast running out for this Tampa team. Can this Bucs defense force turnovers? Currently standing at a -23 ratio, if the Buccaneers offense continues to turn the ball over at the current rate, the presently ineffective defense needs to take the ball away at least 8 times.

Does anyone have faith this will be turned around? Will this team set records for incompetence?