The curse is broken. Simeon Rice weighs in.


Jason Pierre-Paul has done something that no other Bucs defender had done since 2005 when Simeon Rice graced the field as a Buc. He recorded double-digit sacks.

Rice was the previous Buc to achieve this feat, and that was over a decade ago. Rice recorded 14 sacks during that 11-5 season, marking the last time the Bucs would see a double-digit sack guy and one of the only two times the Bucs have been to the playoffs since, winning the Super Bowl. It was also the last time the Buccaneers saw an above-ten win season.

Rice reached out about the achievement via multiple sources to congratulate JPP and give his view on the situation.

“That kid’s got f—ing heart. Look at what he’s been through. It’s bigger than football. It’s who he is in his core. The fabric of the man won’t let him concede.” -via Jenna Laine

The man’s words and deeds stand out. All records are made to be broken. I’m happy he’s the one.” -via Martin Fennelly Tampa Bay Times

Sadly, JPP had to record most of his sacks during losing games and a losing season. However, it is done, and the curse is broken.

Jason Pierre-Paul downplayed his feat, but not everyone is willing to allow him to do so. Gerald McCoy joined in on Pierre-Paul’s post-game interview and stated that he has been with the team for a long time and for him to see this double-digit sack feat achievement is very special. He also said that Pierre-Paul was going to downplay the situation but that he was not going to let him and that Pierre-Paul deserves everything coming his way.

McCoy, who has 6 sacks on the season, certainly helped Pierre-Paul achieve his feat and will continue to help him tack on more sacks as the season moves forward.

Currently JPP’s 10.5 sacks tie for 5th in the league with Von Miller and marks the first time he has recorded double-digit sacks since 2014, in which he recorded 12.5.