G.O.A.T: Move Over, Brady and Rodgers


What is the greatest debate between fans in today’s sports world? Go ahead; I’ll wait while you think on it. Give up? The GOAT discussion is one that we all talk about, but never really come to a conclusion about. The two elite quarterbacks who are discussed in the NFL are Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Both of these quarterbacks deserve to be in the discussion, but maybe we are overlooking someone else.

We all witnessed his 498th touchdown pass to Tre’Quan Smith. When he hit the young receiver down the sideline on a nationally-televised game he surpassed Peyton Manning by breaking the record for All-Time Passing Yards. He has become the model of consistency in New Orleans. He has won when there wasn’t a running game or defense to help him out. He has made average receivers look elite because of his pinpoint accuracy. He also won a Superbowl in 2010, in which he was voted the Most Valuable Player. Not to mention the numerous fantasy football championships he has produced for fans during his NFL career. The list goes on and on with accomplishments, so if you haven’t figure it out, the GOAT is none other than Drew Brees.

Why doesn’t he get the appreciation that Rodgers and Brady receive? Let’s look at the stats during his 17-year NFL career. Brees has 73,707 yards, 518 touchdowns, 231 interceptions, and a QB rating of 97.8. These are impressive numbers for Brees. Where does he rank on the all-time list? The Big 3 fall in order for Passing Touchdowns: Brees (518), Brady (508), and Rodgers (334), Passing Yards: Brees (73,707), Brady (69,501), and Rodgers (42,006), Pass Completions: Brees (6,512), Brady (5,915), and Rodgers (3,474).  I can already hear the readers and fans yelling, “The only thing that matters are rings.” I hear you on that, but when we talk about the Greatest of All Time we have to look at everything. So yes, Brady has more championships than Brees. The stats really are not close besides passing touchdowns.

The problem is we get so involved in this debate that fans don’t appreciate what is right in front of them. There will come a point when these three quarterbacks decide to retire and as fans we will realize we missed out watching their prolific career because we were too wrapped up in a debate that cannot be won. These three are the top performers at their positions in the NFL. They dissect defenses with the precision a doctor would use performing open heart surgery. They are incredible, so let’s all put aside the discussion for one week and just watch the games. I think you will realize that Drew Brees may have surpassed Brady and Rodgers in the GOAT discussion.