Names That Could Pop Up in Bucs Head Coaching Search


Reports have already surfaced the Bucs are looking for a successor for head coach Dirk Koetter following their latest loss against the Baltimore Ravens, which officially eliminated Tampa Bay from postseason play.

The Glazers’ history tends to keep matters such as these close to the chest. What we do know is a candidate the Bucs may look into will have to had some measure of sustained success. So if there’s a coordinator ripe for the job, there’s very little room for error, otherwise, you can expect the search to gravitate to a current head coach who is more likely having a falling out with management than just a lack of success.

Without further ado, here are the names and the likelihood they’ll be considered for the position.

Doug Marrone

The current head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars is enduring quite a headscratcher of a season losing 8 of his last 9 games. Doug Marrone’s latest indignity was the loss against the Josh Johnson-led Washington Redskins. The talent on the team is undeniable considering how the 2017 Jags at 10-6 made the AFC Championship Game before losing to the New England Patriots.

This sort of meltdown is near inexcusable considering they could very well upgrade the position should they land John Harbaugh.

How likely is Marrone going to be hired?

Forget it. Marrone’s can’t bring the stability the Bucs need as a head coach. He’s a better offensive coordinator/assistant. That would be the ONLY way he comes to the team.

Vance Joseph

The current head coach of the Denver Broncos will likely be fired at the end of the season given the team’s first back-to-back seasons missing the playoffs and losing seasons, the first in 46 years. Far more successful as a defensive assistant and possible coordinator is a far more likely scenario for Vance Joseph.

How likely is Joseph going to be hired?

Forget it. Same reason why Marrone isn’t going to be hired. Nowhere near long enough of a resume on defense to see any form of sustained success running a team.

John Harbaugh

The current head coach of the Baltimore Ravens is sitting at 8-6 and occupies the second wildcard spot in the AFC. Should the Ravens win out, Harbaugh’s essentially guaranteed another year with the franchise and all bets are off.

With the Los Angeles Chargers still playing for the AFC West crown tied with the 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs, the Ravens will certainly not get any quarter. Should the Indianapolis Colts and/or Tennessee Titans win their following contests, could spell trouble for the Ravens’ playoff hopes. Harbaugh’s availability in 2019 hinges on the team’s finish.

If he does become available and the Bucs by some miracle land him, he’ll be entering the franchise with all the bells and whistles you can ask for in a head coach with a superior winning percentage at 59 percent, a 10-5 postseason record, and a Super Bowl.

How likely is Harbaugh going to be hired?

Step one is hoping for the Ravens to miss the playoffs. Step two is to beat out teams like Denver and Jacksonville for his services, which is by no means an easy sell. Who knows? Harbaugh might welcome the challenge of Tampa Bay given the decade of futility and a chance to thrive in the NFC.

Jim Schwartz

He’s a little more successful version of Vance Joseph in terms of achievements. He also has a Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles. That being said, the team currently ranks 27th in total yards surrendered just above the Bucs.

How likely is Schwartz going to be hired?
See Vance Joseph and Schwartz’s tenure as Detroit Lions head coach.

Mike McCarthy

Should Harbaugh not become available, expect former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy to be the next top target for struggling franchises. He has a higher winning percentage in the regular season than Harbaugh at 62 percent, but a worse postseason record.

McCarthy was fired after his working relationship with franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers disintegrated. The Packers chose Rodgers and sent McCarthy packing. Like Harbaugh, McCarthy, too has a Super Bowl under his belt and his familiarity with the NFC should make him a more favored target from the Bucs.

How likely is McCarthy going to be hired?

Repairing his own bruised ego in taking Jameis Winston could also be an incentive for him to get back at Rodgers and the Packers for spurning him…provided Winston is in his plans.

Any other names you feel needs to be considered?