Mike Evans Is Not Fazed by Pro Bowl Snub


Bucs fans around the world were scratching their heads when the Pro Bowl roster was announced and Mike Evans and others were not on the list. But Evans is not fazed by not being selected for his second Pro Bowl.

“I’m not disappointed. I kind of knew the eight, midway through the season and it’s hard to change that. You’ve got to do something spectacular to get into that conversation. But all the guys that made it were deserving. There were probably a couple snubs out there, but it’s just an all-star game.”

That is Mike Evans’ take on being snubbed for the Pro Bowl via Scott Smith, senior writer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (see full article here). However, despite being snubbed as a selection, Evans can still play if one of the four selected decides not to go.

Evans is second in the league in receiving yards with 1,328. Julio Jones leads the league with 1,511 yards. However, Evans does acknowledge that Atlanta’s Julio Jones, New Orleans Michael Thomas, Green Bay’s Davante Adams, and Minnesota’s Adam Thielen have all had outstanding seasons and deserve to go to the Pro Bowl.

Mike Evans is not concerned with not being selected. It will not affect his performance in any way during the last two games of the season.