Chidi’s Take On Dirk Koetter


My take on Head Coach Dirk Koetter Firing…..

Now that the holidays are pretty much over…I’ll chime in on the firing of head coach Dirk Koetter. I mean I still got a little bit of egg nog left in the fridge to polish off, but I think I’m ready to plug back in to the real world. See sometimes you need a break from the day to day, to refresh, restart and cleanse yourself from all the gunk that life bogs you down with & clogs your flow. The Christmas holiday season does that for all of us. And you know what? That’s all this Dirk Koetter firing was too. A reset & a restart…..Or more like a RERUN.

I said years ago after the Glazers decided firing Lovie after only 2 years was a good idea, that it was time for an intervention. Now I love me some Glazers because without them our era of football dominance simply probably never happens. But after Raheem, Schiano, Lovie, and now Dirk…. its time. Time for someone who cares & has genuine concern for their well being to step up and intervene no matter how painful, embarrassing or hard it may be. Because their lives are on the line. Not their literal lives, but certainly their football legacy. And at this point that legacy is in serious jeopardy.

I mean after almost 20 years of not winning a playoff game and 10 years of not making the playoffs, and changing head coaches and staffs every 2-3 years, no matter if you won the one Super Bowl in franchise history; well…..That magic has faded away, worn out & eroded in due to time from the repeated waves of mediocrity pounding the seashore. It’s time for some intervention.

This rerun has to stop. It’s time for my Glazers to stop searching for “lightning in a bottle”. Time to stop opening the Cracker Jack boxes hoping for the big prize. The “Oh if I just buy one more Cracker Jack box, boy oh boy I just know I’ll hit the jackpot this time”…..No. Not this time. Not next time. No Glazers. Not ever again. You will never find that lightning in the bottle ever again like you did when you scratched off that lottery ticket and won a Jon Gruden led legendary Tony Dungy team that miraculously drew Gruden’s former team to play against in the Super Bowl that he just left a season ago…..Stop it. Just stop it. This must stop. End this thing. Now.

Let’s look at this thing. You have a team with no threat at running back. I mean zero. Nobody is scared of Peyton Barber. And no one will even remember his name after a few years. It’s not a knock against him. I’m just telling the REALITY. You got a wide receiver corp that no one’s scared of either. In a pass happy offensive oriented NFL that changed the rules specifically to give offenses the advantage, everybody around the league is having banner historic record breaking games & production. All a team got to do is not turn it over with interceptions & fumbles and voila! You got yourself some offensive production. Sure we were ranked in the top 5 offenses all season long. But that’s cause even though we led the league in turnovers our defense was getting pounded against every offense with quick scores allowing our offense right back on the field to try and try and try again. Racking up stats all along the way. No. Nobody is scared of our wide receivers. I promise you. Not Mike Evans. Not Goodwin. Not Humphries. Not DeSean. Not even DeSean who just this year beat the great Jerry Rice in the most long ball touchdowns.

No one is scared of DeSean cause no one is scared of our QB Jameis Winston. He is scared to throw interceptions so he purposely wildly overthrows the long ball. Every time. Yes… On purpose. Jameis is great and in his comfort zone with passes around 30 yards or less. And if those passes can be sideline passes he’s even more comfortable. But the long ball??? Oh no. He done gave up on that notion a LOOONNG time ago. Don’t get me wrong. In today’s NFL we can win with Jameis Winston. We can take this team all the way to the Super Bowl and win it. But let’s focus on what the real problem with this team is……DEFENSE.

OUR DEFENSE IS LAST IN THE LEAGUE. Like dead last. Our so called franchise player is busy making tv commercials touting his greatness but forgot to actually play great on the football field. Gerald McCoy has been the leader of this defense for a decade and has never led this defense to greatness. Gerald McCoy has been the leader of this team for a decade and never led this team to a post season bid. Never. Ten years and the poor guy don’t have a clue what REAL NFL football feels like and probably won’t ever even get a sniff of the playoffs. Ever. I mean no disrespect to Gerald. I hear he’s a real nice guy?

So dear Glazers, no matter what new “Genius” Head Coach you bring in here next, which will be like your 5th head coach in 12yrs; it won’t make a difference. It’s time for an intervention Glazers. The real problem is you…and this God awful defense. Hire a guy like a Derrick Brooks as President of Football Operations and hand the reigns over to someone who actually knows football and knows football players and knows how to play DEFENSE at an Hall Of Fame level….and most importantly knows the Buccaneers & knows the Tampa Bay fans in this community. With all due respect to Jason Licht…..I mean you picked a kicker in the NFL draft that you traded up to select in the second round of the NFL Draft. The selection made Aguayo just the third kicker since 2000 to be taken in the second round or higher. And he was a royal BUST. That draft pick made us the laughing stock of the NFL. So how you gonna lead the way to pick a Super Bowl caliber head coach???…Let Derrick do it.

I’m done. Intervention over. Tough love hurts, but it was necessary.

Written by: Chidi Ahanotu