Grimes: That just fu**ed up my whole vibe for the whole year.


Evidently it just wasn’t fans that saw something was off about Grimes this year, everyone else at One Buc Place noticed it too. Veteran CB Brent Grimes and DB Coach Hoke seemed to be at odds for most of the year according to reports from Grimes. So much so that he didn’t want to play in the finale. Hoke apparently apologized, and he ultimately played against the Falcons.

This past off-season Grimes signed a deal worth over $7 million. Not bad for an aging CB, but Grimes was apparently put off when he started week 3 against the Steelers and was asked to cover Antonio Brown. He is quoted from saying,

“We get to the Steelers and then they start asking me to follow people,” Grimes said, explaining that corners “that follow receivers all the time” … “earn $13 to $15 million.

That just fu**ed up my whole vibe for the whole year to be completely honest,”

He also insulated that he was asked to cover opposing #1 receivers all season, and that didn’t seem to make Grimes happy at all.

If these reports about Grimes relationship with the coaches and team are true, then it is all but certain that Grimes time in Tampa Bay is about finished. And unfortunately it doesn’t look to end on a good note.

You can view the full report HERE.