Culture Is A Big Thing


Well this week we learned something we already knew about this season that Grimes was dogging it every week and his wife keeps his balls in her purse. We all knew that Grimes was ripping the team off all season and had no interest in playing at the insulting level of $7 million.

I appreciate his honesty on the podcast with his handler Miko who fed him word after word. He refused to help the team by shadowing a teams number 1 receiver because he was not paid enough to do it. I wanted to puke listening to it. All of us die-hard fans would have done it for free because we wanted to win more than Grimes. Brent is what was wrong with this team, and should have been cut when he refused to do what the coaches asked.

So lets really get to the root cause of this culture in the Bucs locker room. Year after year it is subpar at best. The offseason when they picked up Baker and Jackson I was texting with someone who I have known my entire life who played in the NFL for a few seasons, has done TV for college games and is now an agent in the NFL.  He said to me “Baker is a bad locker room guy” I said “nah he is what we need help at D Tackle”  After the Carolina game last year I said “you are 100% correct I will never doubt what you say”

Jason Licht is trying to sign guys to help this team and I know he is trying to win, but as much as we need talent on the field we also need character guys in the locker room. We have a very talented young nucleus that needs to take over this team, and change the culture. Winning will do that first, but we need to flush out the bad guys like Grimes, D-Jax, Baker etc of the world. I think also having a proven HC or someone who the players respect will help as well. I also think if guys aren’t buying into the program they should make a example out of them and cut them like Redskins did with DJ Swearinger when he criticized the staff.

So once the new coach is hired, I hope whoever that is looks at this roster with Jason and decide who are the bad eggs. Then after that, send them packing if they haven’t already packed up. The Bucs need a good culture and a locker room with accountability like the guys they had in the past who won’t let that kind of stuff go on.  If those decisions require making tough choices then so be it, because you can’t win on the field when you have disfunction on the sideline.