Le’Veon Bell: Yes or No?


One of the holes that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might be looking to be fill is at running back. There are many free agents out there for the Bucs to pursue. They might also decide to stay with who they have.

The Buccaneers’ running game was average this year. They have not had a good running game since Warrick Dunn. Having a good running game could help take the pressure off Jameis Winston. Maybe he won’t have the mindset of trying to do everything himself.

One of those free agents is former Pittsburgh Steeler Le’Veon Bell. Here is why the Buccaneers should or should not bring him in as a free agent.

Bring Bell In

Le’Veon Bell has been one of the best versatile running backs since his rookie year. Bell is not only good rushing, but he’s also good receiving. He’s had only two seasons where he did not rush for over 1,000 yards. During his last full season in 2017 he rushed for nearly 1,300 yards. The Buccaneers have never had anything close to that. This will be a huge upgrade and will help an already good offense. The Buccaneers’ offense was near the top of the NFL in 2018. Adding Bell would take them over the top in 2019.

Don’t Bring Bell In

Bell might be a talented player on the field, but off of it and in the locker room, not so much. In 2018 he did not play because he wanted more money. Now I am not saying that he didn’t deserve the money he was asking for. He could have taken the franchise tag the Steelers were offering him and played. Not playing makes him look bad. His teammates in Pittsburgh felt like he gave up on them. He has been called cancer in the locker room. He’s also not the type of player the Buccaneers need right now. They need character players. They need to wean off players like DeSean Jackson and Brent Grimes. The Bucs need character guys like Jason Pierre Paul to help bring their morale up.

The Buccaneers need to learn from their past mistakes. Just because players like Jackson and Grimes look appealing doesn’t mean they fit. The Bucs need to look before making that jump.

Bell would be a fantastic addition to this team. If the Bucs decide that, his drama will come with him. It will, of course, come down to what Jason Licht and the Glazers want to do.

Should the Buccaneers bring Bell on as their next running back? Leave a comment.