Wild Card Weekend, Meh


Did you catch any of the football played during Wild Card Weekend? I will admit right up front that my family just got back from a winter break in the Carolina mountains and my interest in any football not Buccaneer-related was a bit passing. As in, “No risk it, no biscuit.” Where are you, Coach Arians? But for real, unless you have a direct interest in one of the teams that won (Colts, Cowboys, Chargers and Eagles) or one of the teams they will now face (Chiefs, Rams, Patriots and Saints), this last weekend just seemed to lack zest.

Here in Tampa Bay we hold our breath and keep our eyes on the bottom NFL news ticker more than the game in progress, waiting to see who the Buccaneers’ head coach #12 will be. For Bucs fans the future holds infinite opportunities.

I said last week that I hope the search for our next captain takes a while. At the time, I thought I was expressing my genuine respect for the process and not wanting us to second guess the rest of the offseason, wondering if we hurried into the wrong hire. Now I find myself wondering if the thought of who Jason Licht will name as our next head coach is actually more satisfying than the selection itself. Was this the reason I found little interest in this past weekend’s fare?

Week 2 of the NFL postseason presents some interesting matchups (Colts @ Chiefs, Cowboys @ Rams, Charges @ Patriots, and Eagles @ Saints). The Buccaneers could also announce this week who the new head coach will be. My family will also have been back a week, and I might be willing find more time to enjoy these last few weeks of NFL football, not to mention the national championship matchup between Clemson and Alabama on Monday night. I’ll be catching a lot more football this week, and it should be a lot more interesting.