Report: WR Evans hasn’t spoken to new HC Arians


During this week’s Pro Bowl, Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans, who is at his 2nd Pro Bowl, was asked by’s Herbie Teope if he’s spoken to Arians since he was hired. Evans responded back that the hadn’t, but has heard good things and is looking forward to the opportunity to work with him.












This seems odd in the respect that one of your best offensive talents hasn’t spoken with the new head coach. Now granted, accepting a new job, installing a coaching staff, and moving your family down to Tampa Bay is no small task. But no time for a phone call? It may officially be the off-season for Bucs players, but no quick team meeting to introduce the new head coach and coordinators?

Obviously this is pure speculation, but it does seem odd that this new staff hasn’t spoken to crucial players on the team. It may just be a case that Arians is swamped at the moment, and this is a completely overblown perspective. Yet odd nonetheless.