Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5 Players Who Are Being Watched Closely at the Senior Bowl


The Senior Bowl is just two days away. The Buccaneers have narrowed the list of players they are watching. These players are also looking to make a good impression to help them in the draft, which is just two months away. The Buccaneers have had scouts looking over the players they know will help them in 2019. Here are the players they are now closely watching at the 2019 Senior Bowl.


QB: Drew Lock

The Buccaneers are either looking for a back-up quarterback or a replacement for Jameis Winston. Lock is a solid pick. He told the media that he had no problem with going back to Purdue for another year. He also stated that he is ready for the next level and is better than he was last year at this time. He has great accuracy and is mobile. If Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Griffith III become free agents, Lock would be a great back-up.

G: Beau Benzschawel

He is the first of two offensive linemen the Buccaneers are looking at. Benzschawel was a one-two punch for the Badgers. He helped running back Jonathan Taylor become one of the best running backs in all of college football. He is most comfortable playing right guard. The issue is that the position seems to be locked up by three players—Evan Smith, Caleb Benenoch, and Alex Cappa. Head coach Bruce Arians want to solidify a run game to help take the pressure off Jameis Winston. Benzschawel said that he would play at left guard to help the Buccaneers or another team at the next level.

G: Michael Deiter

Deiter made 54 consecutive starts for the Badgers. He is cut from the same mold as Benzschawel. But unlike his counterpart, he has played multiple positions. Deiter is good in both the run and pass game. He stated that his job is to lock people up. He would be a great pick-up to help the offensive line.


DT: Khalen Saunders

There were many people who didn’t catch him doing a backflip during practice. Saunders weighs 320 pounds. He shows that at his size he has athleticism. The good part is he can work in either a 3-4 or 4-3 defense. The Buccaneers and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles haven’t figured which defense they will operate out of. He is a dedicated player—while his fiancé was giving birth, he decided to stay at the Senior Bowl.

Safety: Nasir Adderley

He is out of Delaware. Now don’t take where he goes to college to mean he is a small talent. He has been smooth in drills and has an interception already. He is great in nickel and loves to stick to wide receivers. Adderley is great in covering up space, which is great in the NFL. He will be a quick pick, so if this is the way the Buccaneers want to go, they will have to draft him early.

Stats courtesy of Buccaneers.com.