Punting The Kicker


*Opinion Editorial, Fan From The Stands*

Kickers. Nah humbug.

Yes I’m that guy who isn’t thrilled when kickers are brought up. Frankly they disgust me.

For a game to hinge on a guy, who for the most part, is on the sidelines playing games on his phone, and it infuriates me that they are part of the NFL period. I’m not even sure they are of the human race. They stand there all game practicing, staying warmed up to do the only job nobody else wants to do. Then, at the end of the game, after they have practiced and warmed up all game long they come in and can be thrown off by someone simply calling time out. Simply asking them to wait a little longer seems to throw all of their practice out the window.
Sub-human I tell you.

While attrition runs rampant through the ranks and players are putting careers on the line with every snap of the ball. A kicker has the ability to win or lose the game in one play? Without even getting his uniform dirty?
It just doesn’t seem proper to me.

All that being said. Now I have to hear about some curse and how we should get Matt Bryant back. Seriously, a curse? C’mon man. Here’s what the NFL should do.

Bring in whoever will kick the ball sufficiently enough, and play well enough so we don’t have to either hero-worship or demonize a kicker on this team.
In the Immortal words of Herm Edward’s,
“You play to win the game.”

Written by: Johnny Dean