Tony Dungy: Winston “absolutely can” get to the level of Peyton Manning


In an interview with WTSP Channel 10 News, Hall of Fame and former Bucs Head Coach Tony Dungy shared his insights to how the Bucs will look heading into the 2019 season. He particularly keyed in on the development of QB Jameis Winston.

WTSP Interview Excerpt:

“I remember going into Indianapolis, and Peyton Manning had four up and down seasons before I got there… Very explosive. Great talent. But feeling like I’ve got to make all these plays to carry us, and to help us win. Really what we came back to, and we came down to… We still want to be explosive. We still want to make big plays, but we gotta protect the ball. And it took Peyton a little while to learn that, but pretty soon by my second year he’s 31 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. And he’s 49 touchdowns and 9 interceptions

“That’s what you’re looking for. That can be done, when your great talents realize that taking care of the football is important.”

He was then asked if he thought Winston could get to Manning’s level of success.

“Oh yeah, absolutely can. He’s a talented guy, and that’s what Coach Arians will teach him and preach to him. You can still be explosive. We can still have all the big plays we want to get, and you know what we can still take care of the football. And protect it, and be a low turnover team.”


Can Winston Show The Ability In 2019?

Without a doubt that is a ringing endorsement from the Hall of Fame coach, and one who is adored by the Tampa Bay community. So it goes without saying, but his words hold a lot of weight in Tampa Bay. The real question though is that even though he “thinks” Winston can get there. Will he show the ability to get to that point over this next season?

Old habits die hard in the NFL and in life, and Winston is no exception. He has had a knack of periods of brilliant play, but also stretches that leave people dumbfounded. It has been said time and time again that Winston is a high risk high reward player, and that it is something that isn’t all too likely to change. Hopefully under the guidance of Bruce Arians, he can mitigate the “risk it” in order to capitalize on the “biscuit.”