All Eyes On Licht



Every year there are three or four really great prospects in the draft.
Every decade there is that one generational player who has such an impact on the league he goes on to become a member of the Hall of Fame.

With that being said.
Not even a guaranteed Hall of Fame player would be enough to turn the Buccaneers around instantly.

Draft time is a great for anticipation, drafting in the top ten builds the excitement for players that have been paraded around for us by the media. Oh my, look at all the nice new toys.
Nice to fantasize about, but no one player will fill the positions this team need, not to mention the fact there is no generational player in this draft.

Here’s the thing to get excited for with the 5th pick in this draft.

Trade potiential, whether it’s so a team can move up to get a QB, pass rusher or lineman, there will be many trade offers for that pick. The Buccaneers would be negligent if they didn’t take advantage of this.
A good trade would enable the team to address more of those needs facing them, allowing them to move away from the free agent cap hell they have put themselves in and develop a team in which they can move forward with filling the occasional holes with free agency as a team is supposed to do.
Overpaying for underachieving players year in and year out has failed to do anything for this team. The only way to truly build a competitive team as quickly as fans want is to gather as many picks as possible in the first four rounds. The way to do that is through some slick trading.

Jason Licht has shown that he has the ability to pull off trades. Some successful, some not. This year he has to nail it. Jason Licht has to pull a rabbit out of the hat or atleast a pass rusher!

Written by Johnny Dean