What’s McCoy Been Up To?


With Bleacher Report recently listing Gerald McCoy as most likely to be cut by the Buccaneers before the NFL draft, social media has been buzzing. Will he be or not? Aside from some cryptic posts and comments during interviews early in the off-season, McCoy hasn’t really let on about his future in Tampa Bay. The coaching staff has also been tight-lipped about it, which has left everyone speculating. One article says he’s not going anywhere. Another states his time in Tampa is almost over. Truth is, no one knows. We won’t know until a move is made.

All of this speculating, though, doesn’t seem to have affected McCoy this off-season. If you follow him on social media his posts have been happy and uplifting, with very little to no mention of the buzz surrounding him. He’s posted anything from working out with trainer, Todd Durkin, in an Instagram post with hashtags such as #silence and #justwork to vacationing with his family to celebrating his birthday—not to mention some pretty great videos of his kids throwing down some epic dance moves.

With the NFL draft looming and no clear answer in sight, I will admit that, as a huge McCoy fan who personally thinks he should remain a Buc for the remainder of his NFL career, I am a little nervous about the possibility that we won’t see him in Tampa next season. There are so many things to consider with the Buccaneers current cap space and his potential 13 million dollar pay day should they decide to keep him on.

One thing’s for sure, though. McCoy or no McCoy next season, I will still be sporting my #93 jersey on game day!

If you haven’t already followed him on Instagram to keep up with him this offseason, you can do so here.